Pharmaceutical Fraternity, Inc

South University School of Pharmacy

Our History


Founded: December 10, 2005 at South University in Savannah, Georgia

Founding Brothers: Dana Bennett, Leigh Dominy, Seth Dunn, Christina Futch, Patrick Hill, Derek Stranton, Josh Trone, George Tung

Kappa Psi Pharmaceutical Fraternity was founded on May 30, 1879 at the Russel Military Academy in New Haven, Connecticut. Originally established by F. Harvey Smith, Kappa Psi emerged as a Greek Letter Society that evolved into a medical- pharmaceutical fraternity. In 1924, by mutual agreement, the members of Kappa Psi decided to separate the fraternity by profession, with the medical group becoming known as Theta Kappa Psi and the pharmaceutical group retaining the name of Kappa Psi. In over 82 years since its creation, the Fraternity has grown and evolved in many ways but has remained centered around the same in it’s principles of Brotherhood on which it was founded.

In August 2003, South University in Savannah, Georgia opened the doors to its new school of pharmacy. South University hired many Kappa Psi brothers, including the Founding Dean, Dr. James Wynn, Clinical Practice Chair Dr. Gary Levin, Pharmaceutics Specialist Dr. Curt Jones, and Medicinal Chemist Dr. G. Scott Weston. Students became interested in Kappa Psi and these faculty brothers helped cultivate that interest. The journey began on March 10, 2005, when then Grand Regent Palmieri conducted a visit to our school. He spoke on behalf of Kappa Psi and to share with us what brotherhood is all about. His visit to our school encouraged us to apply for a Kappa Psi charter at South University.

Five months later, we were given authorization to organize the chapter. Officer elections were held and the chapter started to take form. We started our first pledge program under the direction of Brother Greg McKeever as our Pledgemaster. Brother McKeever, Gamma Phi initiate and Georgia Grad Brother, volunteered to conduct the first pledge program at Delta Omega and has continued to be an asset to the chapter.

After nine months, the Delta Omega Chapter was installed at South University School of Pharmacy, in Savannah Georgia, on December 10, 2005. Eight pledges were initiated as the founding brothers of the Delta Omega Chapter. Grand Regent Dave Maszkiewicz, Grand Ritualist Andrew Frasco, Collegiate Member at Large Kali Jernigan, Marvin Smith, Greg McKeever, Curt Jones, G. Scott Weston, Andrew Crowe, Seth Hammonds, and Jonathon Shuler conducted the Ritual of Initiation. Following the initiation, the charter of Delta Omega was presented and officers were installed by Grand Regent Maszkiewicz at the banquet.

Founding Officers:
Regent: Patrick Hill
Vice Regent/Historian: Christina Futch
Secretary: Dana Bennett
Treasurer: Leigh Dominy
Parliamentarian/Chaplain: Derek Stranton

There were many Brothers that sent correspondence letters to be read at the banquet including, Grand Counselor Becky Fahrenburch, Grand Historian Claudio Faria, Graduate Member at Large Lawrence Brown, Immediate Past Grand Regent Anthony Palmieri III, Grand Historian Emeritus Dewey Garner, Province IV Supervisor Michael Starvaggi, Province III Satrap Stephanie Stichert, Province VIII Satrap Megan Wilson, Beta Kappa Regent Dave Julian, and Delta Delta Regent Todd Connor.

Since then, the Delta Omega chapter has been hard at work setting traditions of its own. The chapter hosts many social, professional, and service functions and strives to maintain that focus on the core values of brotherhood.

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